The journey to 1 million meals

Since 1974, Edmond Mobile Meals has fed thousands of homebound seniors in Edmond who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. This year we will proudly deliver our ONE MILLIONTH MEAL and we are already preparing for the next million meals and beyond. The senior population is the fastest growing demographic in the United States. Nearly 10 million seniors are threatened by hunger every year and 7 million live in poverty making it difficult to buy healthy food. Right here in Edmond, we have signed up 30% more seniors for our service this year than in 2019. With your support, we can continue the legacy of providing Edmond’s homebound seniors with not only nutritious meals, friendly smiles, and safety checks, but also the peace of mind that comes with remaining safely at home, where he or she wants to be.

First meal goes out, 4,470 delivered by the end of the year
148, 722 meals delivered
263,832 meals delivered
503,963 meals delivered
984, 875 meals delivered
1,000,000th meal will be delivered

We need you to continue the legacy

This year we ask you to join us as we build on the 46 years of trusted service with a one-time gift to our permanent Endowment Fund held at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. A donation of any amount to the Endowment Fund today helps sustain our work and allows us to continue the legacy that will feed seniors in our community for decades to come.

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Endowment Fund

Edmond Mobile Meals Endowment Fund was established with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation in September 2012 with the assistance of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund and the Harris Foundation.

Our endowment fund is a valuable asset to Edmond Mobile Meals. It will benefit the organization now and in the future to support our mission in the Edmond community. The fund is managed by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, and Edmond Mobile Meals receives a distribution check every Fall.

To make a contribution to our permanent endowment fund you can visit the OCCF secure donation page at: Simply list Edmond Mobile Meals as the “Fund Name”.

On PayPal, please select the Permanent Endowment option from the drop down list. Please enter Edmond Mobile Meals as the Fund Name and leave blank the Scholarship Funds, iFunds and Other Funds fields.

For more information about the Edmond Mobile Meals Permanent Endowment Fund, please contact Cristi at 405/341-3111,